Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Van Hagar Blows

So, I don't feel like talking about knitting today. Maybe it's because my hands hurt.

I am listening to Pandora at work, because no one is here...why is there no way to distinguish between Van Hagar and Van Halen? Cause I want to "thumbs down" some Van Hagar, but I don't want it not to play Van Halen based on that. Eh - whatever.

Pandora knows the mood I am in which was crappy, but is now semi-decent. I got some work done whilst listening to Guns N' Roses, Skid Row, and L.A. Guns. Now I'm eating lunch and no longer in the mood to do any work although I am still here for four more hours.

I am trying to create a presentation called "Library Resources for Meaningful Assignments." The title alone pretty much makes me want to take a nap. And that is probably why I have not even gotten to the point of choosing colors for my slides.

I think working full time totally leads people to watching reality television. I have never understood the phenomena, but lately, when I come in from work, I feel like watching The Two Coreys or Rock of Love or some shit. WTF?? Corey Feldman is still kind of cute though, eh? Like when he's not talking too much, I mean. Someone shoot me.


i'm just a bill said...

Speaking of reality television...
I've heard through a very disclosed source, that they are going to give Fran Drescher her own show! I can't wait! = D
She's only 49 and still a total hottie!

joolee said...

You are a sick monkey.

I think I can say with much confidence that even if I worked an 80 hour week, I would never sink to the level of desperation that would be required for me to watch Fran Drescher's reality show.