Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have been seriously slack about doing much of anything lately except for reading and listening to Clark Howard. I have gotten my brain all wrapped around personal finance stuff again. I kind of let it lie dormant for a while, but now that I actually have some money, I want to do useful things with it other than just buying yarn and yarn winders and swifts and stuff.
I haven't been knitting much at all lately, but I need to finish up an Easter basket I am making for Amelia, because Easter is creeping up mighty fast. I am almost done with it though, actually. So, it shouldn't be a big deal.
I have been rabidly listening to Clark Howard though, seriously. I used to listen every day when I had a super long commute, but I haven't listened in probably 5 years or more. I have been downloading podcasts like a junkie and perusing his website. I am often heard to say, "Well, I heard on NPR that..." and lately I have been saying, "Well Clark Howard says ..."

It is kind of a sad life I lead, but he seems like such a nice guy. I am sure I will get burned out on it again at some point. And I haven't skipped out on NPR. I am still listening to it too. I drive a lot, so I have time for lots of podcasts.

And I have been reading a (nother) nutrition book. Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy. I was really jamming on it until I got to the current chapter which is about vitamins, and it is full of all these conjectures and studies which cancel each other out, and it has gone from what seemed like sound advice for chapters and chapters to something which sounds more like a load of BS.

I am at work right now, and I am bored to tears. I have something I could be working on, but it's my annual review, and I HATE writing those things. And then, I have to write up a review for my non-student worker employee, and I hate that almost as much. So, I'm putting it off.

I am going on a week-long vacation in April to who knows where. I haven't been on an actual and factual vacation like this in a really really long time. I hope it's fun, and I hope we find somewhere cool but not too expensive to go.