Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finishing and starting and ideas

So, I finished up 3 washcloths now - 2 ballband ones and 1 Mason-Dixon one. I will take some pictures at some point and post them. They are all done with Sugar N' Cream cotton. I also bought some chenille to make a couple more of the Mason-Dixon washcloths. I think those will look neat - one is a variegated blue/green and the other is variegated pink/green. Speaking of pink/green, I am finally to the point of putting on the handles and button of the purse I made in December or January(I know - I suck).

I finished a wallet and felted it - just need to put in the zipper and sew on the decorative pieces. It's gonna be badass. I made it from this kit in the red version. I think I made it in like 2 days. It's the first kit I've ever bought. It just looks so neat, and I got it on sale 50% off.

I also started a tie for my dad. I originally saw it on the Knitpicks site as a Father's Day suggestion, but I'm not one for time limits on my knitting, so it will end up being a whenever I get finished you'll get it type of project. I decided to go ahead and use the silk/wool blend they suggested on Knitpicks, and I chose to use burgundy, black, and a smoky blue for the colors. It is being knit on size 1 needles which are the smallest ones I have used as of yet.

Bill finished the socks he was making for me. They are worsted weight camouflage yarn made with a pattern from a magazine that I can't remember the name of right now. They are snazzy wazz and are gonna keep my toes nice and toasty this winter. So, since I haven't taken pictures of the projects I'm working on, here some pictures of my new socks and of Spooky and Frannie being cute.

Spooky with the yarn and pattern for my Dad's tie:
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Spooky snoozing on Bill's dishcloth yarn:
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Spooks in the shadow of Bill knitting on his dishcloth:
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Bill's socks knitted for me modeled on my feet =)
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Frannie lounging on top of Bill's knitting bag:
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Bill showing off his first pair of finished socks! (Sorry I cut off part of his head - that's one photo flub that's not the camera's fault):
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I am on the rag....the warshrag!

Yes, that was terrible, but I stand by it.

I have been making warshrags, ladies and gentlemen (or crickets and dust to be more exact about who reads this thing). I finished two and got Bill into making (A REALLY SNAZZY) one which I hope will be for me :)

OK - so, I think my cheapness on yarn has finally bitten me in the ass. I am trying to make the moss grid hand towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting, and the linen I am using was (relatively) CHEEP CHEEP at the LYS. After looking at linen at another LYS and almost dying from sticker shock, I bought the cheap stuff. So, now I think I'm paying for the money I saved with the lameass way my hand towel is looking. Everything looks so loosey goosey, but I still really like the color.

I spent the past 30 minutes drooling over the Louet Euroflax linen that the pattern actually calls for and what I imagine to be much snazzier than the stuff I ended up buying. But, hey - I'm not going to pass judgement totally until I (hopefully) finish this thing and wash it. Until then I will (probably not) not bitching about it.

In other projects, I finished 2 of the ever-so-popular ball band washclothes using Sugar and Cream. I bought a bunch more, and I'm also making the Mason Dixon Washcloth out of some variegated. I love the way the sugar and cream looks, but I love even more all the varieties of colors available from peaches n' creme. But I can not find any stores here that sell it, so oh well.

Still working on the tail section of Amelia's mermaid outfit. And um...I think that's about it. I bought some yarn from Knit Picks to make my dad a tie. Obviously, this tie will not be done for Father's Day. I sent him a card, and I'm going for Christmas for the finish date...

I have been drooling maniacally over a tank toppy thing on Knit Picks. I put the yarn in my cart like 12 times, but I can't bring myself to buy it because a) I have loads of unfinished projects that I need to finished and b) I don't want to pay $16 for the pattern. Soooo...after exhaustive searching in all the local library systems, I finally just put in an InterLibrary Loan request for the book through work. Awesome use of work perks, I think. So, if it looks like something I can actually do, I might order the yarn or go get some from a yarn store here. I'm looking forward to actually being able to afford some of the shit at Knitch in the future.

Totally unrelated - going to the Stitch N' Pitch in July.

Yee haw.

That's a much too long post without pictures, eh?