Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I am on the rag....the warshrag!

Yes, that was terrible, but I stand by it.

I have been making warshrags, ladies and gentlemen (or crickets and dust to be more exact about who reads this thing). I finished two and got Bill into making (A REALLY SNAZZY) one which I hope will be for me :)

OK - so, I think my cheapness on yarn has finally bitten me in the ass. I am trying to make the moss grid hand towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting, and the linen I am using was (relatively) CHEEP CHEEP at the LYS. After looking at linen at another LYS and almost dying from sticker shock, I bought the cheap stuff. So, now I think I'm paying for the money I saved with the lameass way my hand towel is looking. Everything looks so loosey goosey, but I still really like the color.

I spent the past 30 minutes drooling over the Louet Euroflax linen that the pattern actually calls for and what I imagine to be much snazzier than the stuff I ended up buying. But, hey - I'm not going to pass judgement totally until I (hopefully) finish this thing and wash it. Until then I will (probably not) not bitching about it.

In other projects, I finished 2 of the ever-so-popular ball band washclothes using Sugar and Cream. I bought a bunch more, and I'm also making the Mason Dixon Washcloth out of some variegated. I love the way the sugar and cream looks, but I love even more all the varieties of colors available from peaches n' creme. But I can not find any stores here that sell it, so oh well.

Still working on the tail section of Amelia's mermaid outfit. And um...I think that's about it. I bought some yarn from Knit Picks to make my dad a tie. Obviously, this tie will not be done for Father's Day. I sent him a card, and I'm going for Christmas for the finish date...

I have been drooling maniacally over a tank toppy thing on Knit Picks. I put the yarn in my cart like 12 times, but I can't bring myself to buy it because a) I have loads of unfinished projects that I need to finished and b) I don't want to pay $16 for the pattern. Soooo...after exhaustive searching in all the local library systems, I finally just put in an InterLibrary Loan request for the book through work. Awesome use of work perks, I think. So, if it looks like something I can actually do, I might order the yarn or go get some from a yarn store here. I'm looking forward to actually being able to afford some of the shit at Knitch in the future.

Totally unrelated - going to the Stitch N' Pitch in July.

Yee haw.

That's a much too long post without pictures, eh?

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