Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In Progress Projects

My wrists hurt like a monkey, so I'm trying not to knit for a little while. Of course, typing on the computer doesn't really do wonders for my wrists either, but hey - whatevs. I'll type this out and then try to do some reading. Gotta catch up on my Rue Morgue magazines so I can reinstate my subscription here pretty soon. Man, I smell fresh coffee, and it smells awesome, but it is way too late for me to be drinking coffee.

OK - enough of that. So, I'm still working on the mermaid costume from New Knits on the Block. I finished the tank top part of it. Bill is making my i-cord straps, and after that I just need to sew them on and sew up the side seam. I HATE SEWING UP SEAMS AND WEAVING IN ENDS. I have like five 99% completed projects in the closet just waiting on the final touches, and I can't bring myself to do it. I think I'm going to have to enlist Bill again, because he's nice that that, and he doesn't loathe it as much as I do.

So, here is a shot of the tank top thing. I hope it is big enough. If not, I will cry for a long time.

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There also was a glimpse of the tail fin seen a little bit better here (I am SO trying not to bitch about my camera right now):

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I have also been working on a warshrag from Mason Dixon Knitting. It is made with a variegated and plain color of Sugar and Cream. I'm not really digging on the color effect, and I think next time I will go for the more contrasting colors. Bit it still looks kind of neat (even though this picture SUCKS CAUSE OF MY SUCKY CAMERA).

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And lastly...when getting ready for work, I am often heard to say, "Which frigging one of you rubbed fur all over my damn shoes?!?!?!"

And the culprit is caught in action:

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Need a new camera

So, howdy. My camera still sucks. What I would give to have the one I lost in Mississippi again :(

Anyway - here are some shitty, blurry pictures of my first completed pair of socks and the beginnings of Amelia's mermaid outfit from New Knits on the Block. I am using blue Lion Brand Incredible ribbon yarn. This part of the mermaid outfit is a tank top. I am almost finished with it, and then I will begin on the skirt/tail portion...

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The scale look is accomplished by slipping several stitches every other row with the yarn in front, so there are several loose pieces of yarn that you pick up and work as one stitch several rows later. This pulls all of those loose pieces together to make a little butterfly-looking thing. Done in a staggered fashion, it makes the scaley looking stuff.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hi World

Hiya - I am still alive, and I finished a pair of socks! I need to take a picture of the completed pair. I used self-striping yarn, and I didn't make an effort to make the stripes match, but who cares. I think they look snazzy anyway.

And I started on the mermaid outfit from "New Knits on the Block." The yarn that the pattern calls for is obsolete, so I have been on the prowl for some comparable ribbon-type yarn. I've actually been looking for yarn for this project for like 4 months, and I finally found some last Sunday. It's Lion Brand Incredible yarn. I've been looking on eBay for weeks for some cheapies, and the cheapest I've found has been $5 a skein, and I need 10 skeins!! So, anyway, I went to a Michaels in Acworth last week, and I found 10 skeins of blue shades. I wanted green, but the blues look mighty nifty. The pattern is funky with a lot of slipped stitches with the yarn in front which leaves all kinds of lame strings of yarn hanging about. But, I think what's going to happen is I will knit several rows like that and then pull all of the hanging pieces together to make a puckered look. When done again and again, it ends up making a snazzy scaly looking mermaid pattern. I wish I had a picture to post of what the finished project looks like. Anyway - it will take me a while, but every row is different, so I won't get bored. Boredom is my anti-knitting.