Thursday, January 14, 2010

WIP WThursday!

That's right - WThursday. It's kind of like Fourthmeal from Taco Bell. I made it up. Well, I didn't make up Fourthmeal, but it *is* made up. You catch my drift, yeah?

So, I finished a scarflet this morning, but I still need to wash and block it so it looks kinda crap right now. Also - buttons. It needs buttons, and I take forever looking for the perfect buttons.

I'm almost done with the Pretty Thing cowl by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I'm using yarn from a local dyer, and I love it. It's a dark-ish red color that's neato. I'm also working on the fiddlehead mitts. It's my first stranded colorwork project, so it's really clunky trying to figure out where the hell to put my hands and the yarn, but it looks awesome so far.

So not interested in posting pics though.'s some I took several days ago. Up there you see the scarflet made out of a variegated Malabrigo yarn that I can't remember the colorway right now. Also, fiddlehead mitts - I'm about to start the thumb gusset and am on the second contrast color. Lastly, you've got the cowl which is almost completed at this point. It's not as radioactively colored as it looks in the photo. I actually already have one project that was started and finished in 2010 - a pair of baby booties for a friend. I made Saartje's baby booties out of Miss Babs sock yarn in the Cleopatra colorway. They look awesome - still need some pesky (and teeny tiny) buttons though.