Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hi World

Hiya - I am still alive, and I finished a pair of socks! I need to take a picture of the completed pair. I used self-striping yarn, and I didn't make an effort to make the stripes match, but who cares. I think they look snazzy anyway.

And I started on the mermaid outfit from "New Knits on the Block." The yarn that the pattern calls for is obsolete, so I have been on the prowl for some comparable ribbon-type yarn. I've actually been looking for yarn for this project for like 4 months, and I finally found some last Sunday. It's Lion Brand Incredible yarn. I've been looking on eBay for weeks for some cheapies, and the cheapest I've found has been $5 a skein, and I need 10 skeins!! So, anyway, I went to a Michaels in Acworth last week, and I found 10 skeins of blue shades. I wanted green, but the blues look mighty nifty. The pattern is funky with a lot of slipped stitches with the yarn in front which leaves all kinds of lame strings of yarn hanging about. But, I think what's going to happen is I will knit several rows like that and then pull all of the hanging pieces together to make a puckered look. When done again and again, it ends up making a snazzy scaly looking mermaid pattern. I wish I had a picture to post of what the finished project looks like. Anyway - it will take me a while, but every row is different, so I won't get bored. Boredom is my anti-knitting.

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