Sunday, August 12, 2007

Drop Stitch Scarf

Drop stitch scarf from a kit I got in a grab bag a few weeks back. I posted a pic of the wound yarn.

Currently working on a teddy bear pattern from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss and the condom critter pattern from Naughty Needles. Finished the body and lining and feet/drawstring, now I just need to stuff it and sew it up and add eyeballs. Batting was silly expensive at the store, so I might just use some polyfill I had in the closet.

I am in a cranky ass mood today for whatever reason, so ugh.

At work on Thursday, a student who appreciated my help gave me two free Braves tickets to be used at any game I choose. Pretty sweet.

Oh yeah - and I bought a business card holder for my new business cards from an Etsy shop. There's some really snazzy stuff on here, but, of course, I like mine the bestest.

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