Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is that the best you can do, Milwaukee?

I am hopped up on way too much sugar right now. I have been eating for shit, and my skin is starting to look like I'm a 16 year old World of Warcraft playin' geek. Not cool. I never had bad skin as a teen - just lucky, I guess, and I'm not interested in catching up now.

So, I need to lay off the ding dongs and ho ho's. Ok - just kidding, I've never actually eaten either one of those things, but I did eat a couple of cookies and some carrot salad that was really sugary. And two giant iced teas, but they weren't sweetened.

I have been in the realm and subject to the whims of free food this week. Partially that sucked such as when the only lunch option I had on Monday was a big salad with pieces of bacon all over it that I had to pick off. Partially cool like when they had yummy pasta and tiramisu on Tuesday. Sucky again today when all they ordered was various incarnations of chicken dishes from Chick-Fil-A, so I get sugary lemonade and carrot salad. But I'm not gonna bitch about shit that's free.

I just caught a faculty member who shall remain unnamed stashing a bag full of beer into a nook in the kitchen. He totally knows I saw him and said "glad it was you who saw me and not someone else." He then proceeded to make fun of me for being short. Nice guy, actually. He's British and the accent alone makes me give him a lot of leeway, but he's also a total snarky smartass, and I love it.

Milwaukee's Best - I shit you not.

Apparently, they don't pay the faculty around here very well, eh?

....So, I'm dying to do some knitting. Can't knit at work though, cause all the bigwigs are here today, and my fricking wrists are killing me. I g uess I need to go ahead and make a damned appointment. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

**Things to finish this weekend:
- Block Dad's die and cut out lining
- Finish up critter
- Work on teddy bear
- Start a new project; preferably one with a time limit that's coming up.

Pictures of this stuff coming up this weekend!

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