Friday, March 2, 2007

Finishing up

I suck at finishing projects. I do the whole entire thing - all the knitting, and then I let everything lie around for weeks with strings hanging off, because I loathe pulling in the ends. And it takes like 5 minutes to do it. And the blue purse I've been working on has bored the hell out of me. I need to finish ONE STRAP. That's it. And it's like 75% finished, but thinking about finishing it bores me to tears. So, instead I've been making baby booties and a hat. The booties look awesome (of course, they have strings hanging off of them everywhere), but I'm not super happy with the hat at the moment. And I ordered more yarn from Joann.

Need to figure out a better way to change colors in the round, because I'm creating a ladder from the loose joins. Ugh.

I'll post some pictures this weekend when I'm done with the hat.

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