Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So, the thingy I made for V-Day was an anatomically correct heart I snagged from a Knit.1 magazine pattern. But, over the weekend, I seem to have misplaced my camera. So, I will be posting pictures of it as soon as I can remember where the hell I stashed it.
I also felted the stripey purse, and it came out pretty well. I didn't make it as small as the pattern called for, because I thought it would look retarded to have this purse with these huge long straps and a tiny ass little purse on the end that your wallet would barely fit into.
Also finished all details on the green/pink/metallic purse except for felting it. Might do that today if I feel so inclined. Now I need to figure out what my next project will be, cause I'm not feeling like doing the straps on the blue purse, and I know I won't be making much progress on the camo pants.
My mom made me a camo hat. Will post pics when aforementioned camera situation is figured out.

Here's a list of things I want to work on, but I really want to find a kickass pattern that I want to make for myself (aside from the witches britches, cause I want something that will knit up faster and give me quicker gratification):

- mermaid outfit for my niece (out of New Knits on the Block book)
- wristbands for B. & my nephew (by request)
- bikini for my sister (also by request - still looking for the perfect pattern. She wants a red, white & blue bikini - anyone have any ideas of where I can find a pattern? Let me know please.
- mittens for niece (by request - I might try to start on these soon although it's getting warmer cause her b-day is in April)
- Kind of want to make a toy for littlest nephew - need to find a pattern
- witches britches for me
- 5 more purses (know of any cool patterns? Let me know - I'm on the lookout)

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