Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Current Projects

I know there's probably some rule out there that you're not supposed to show anyone your unfinished projects, but I could give a crap. I'm new at this stuff.

So, anyway - first's a finished project that I didn't do. My mom crocheted me a pillow for Valentine's Day (and bought me a box of organic chocolates and some pjs).

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Nextly, I'm totally finished with the knitting and stitching together of this bag, I just haven't gotten up the nerve to felt it yet.

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I am finished with the knitting on this one as well, but I still need to stitch in the straps, sew up the bottom and I am going to felt this one as well. I really like the colors, and I think I might keep this one. If so, it will be the first thing I've made for myself.

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Lastly, I am slowly finishing the purse straps for this one and then I need to stitch up the sides of the bag and it will have a little flap at the top.

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I am also making some camo pants, but they are soooooo slowly coming along, that they don't quite warrant a picture yet. Next up - a cabled purse and I don't know what else.

Also, after v-day, I can post pictures of the thingy I made as a gift.

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