Monday, October 1, 2007

Stressful Knitting

So, knitting is supposed to be relaxing, right?

Well, not when everything you are working on is completely jacked up in some way.

Finally finished all of the knitting on the snake scarf, but the head was a major pain in the ass. I ended up with some weird holes that I had to whipstitch together. I am sure this had to do with the fact that the FRIGGING YARN KEPT BREAKING. The yarn broke like 12 times during the course of the project. And the place where it broke on the head was pretty much totally unfixable without some major jimmy rigging (which I'm pretty good at), but it was mighty frustrating.

I've also been knitting on this purse that I started in like February. It has been one of those super mega boring projects that is just plan knitting for miles that I only work on in social settings. Seeing as how I have not gone to any knitting groups lately, it's been languishing for a while. I brought it with me to hang out with a friend over the weekend, though, and I finished all of the plain knitting!!! YAY!!! Only sucky thing is that the top has a ruffle. The ruffle is made by knitting into the front and back (increasing) of every stitch for 2 rows. This means that after the first row of increases I had 200 stitches and after 2 rows of increases (not quite done with row 2 yet) I will have 400 stitches. Last night, I was knitting along while watching Death Proof (which I saw in the theatre too, and I REALLY LIKE IT LOTS - even more on second viewing) when one of my circular needle cords BROKE. So, after much cussing and pissed offedness, I had to waste like 2 hours screwing around with moving stitches around and stuff.

So, now I am a few dozen stitches away from being done with the 2nd increase row.

Also started on the strap for the deco clutch bag I'm making. Purse straps are REALLY BORING, and I'm so not in the mood, so it's coming along mighty slowly.

I have a library instruction course tonight, and I am way not feeling it. But when am I ever?

OK - my fingers hurt.

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Kittee said...

if it's any consolation, I usually whip stitch those holes together too!