Monday, October 22, 2007

I finished somethin!

So, I finished Amelia's mittens - even pulled in all the loose ends! I know - I can't believe it either. Now I have to finish up those other annoyingly close to being finished projects too. Gotta knit 3 purse straps and do a lil bit of finishing on a couple others. One of them *needs* to be finished this weekend.

Also, what the hell am I going to be for Halloween? I'm planning to go to a Halloween party on Friday, but I have absolutely no good ideas for a costume.

I need to work on taking some better pictures of my stash yarn and finished projects for Ravelry. Also, I'm going to try to make these badass gloves maybe for myself maybe for Lisa. There's not really a pattern given, but I have cobbled together some glove patterns from the net, and I have the stitch pattern for the lace look. We shall see if I can handle it. I also have some snazzy yarn picked out. I think I like the Peacock colorway, but they are all really neat colors. I'm not doing a variegated yarn though, because it will make the lace pattern hard to see.

Anyway - I bought some Addi Turbo needles for trying out the two at a time socks on circulars method. I wanted to check out a bunch of yarn shops that I haven't been to before, but I ended up getting stuck in the traffic from a fatal accident on the freeway on Friday, so everywhere was closed by the time I made it out of town. So, on Sunday, I went to the only shop that was open, and it was pretty cool. Only Ewe and Cotton Too was very small and crowded with women knitting, but they had some really nice finished projects on display and some nice yarns and needles to choose from. I found the Shi Bui yarn there, but the peacock colorway did not have enough skeins to finish my project, so I'll try elsewhere. OK - that is enough rambling for now.

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