Tuesday, October 16, 2007

cheapass needles

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My circular needles suck :(

I knew they were kinda lame, but now they full on suck, because I'm trying to knit a sock on two circulars. I have these Susan Bates fixed circulars, and the cords and all wonky and they're getting in my way. Everyone (well, the book I'm reading and one faculty member at work) tells me I should get some Addi Turbos for socks. It's just lame that I bought all these other sucky ones, and now I'm going to have to buy some more...and the Addi Turbos are mega expensive! They are $12-15 for ONE set, and I would have to have two sets of several sizes if I planned on making socks that way for the long haul.

I do think I prefer this method even without the better needles. I don't feel stressed out like I do with the DPNS, and I don't have to fear that stitches are slipping off where I can't see - I'm super paranoid about that. Also, I always knit extra tight on the DPNS and still end up with ladders. With the circulars, I'm not seeing a ladder yet, and I'm not pulling tight as hell (which puts me in a bad mood).

So, right now I have the heel done and gusset stitches picked up - working my way through the decreases. It's an ankle sock, so it looks really weird to me right now, but hey - no leg means I'm done faster. I would like to work on a decorative leg though. Maybe that's what I'll do next - and 2 at a time. I seriously think I'm going to wait on the Turbos to try that out.

I have a giant headache.

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