Monday, July 2, 2007

Carrying around the goods

So, I am actually keeping something that I knitted. And I think I'm going to get hooked now. Since I started knitting, I have been in this mood for making stuff for other people, and I always find cool patterns for myself, but I don't make them. So, anyway - I made a purse (it's actually a purse I made in like February and posted pictures of in here, but I never sewed on the handles and stuff) that I had intended as a stash back for a future Christmas or Birthday gift, but I REALLY like the way it turned out and so....I'm carrying it with me today. Also, my other purse was starting to fall apart some. I also decided to keep the felted wallet I just made.

I don't have pictures, but I'm hoping to post some this week. I think I'm going to buy myself a snazzy camera for Christmas.

I have cool stuff to show off today. And it's my first day on my new job which means I am - as of today - a librarian. Of course, I've been working in libraries for like 5+ years, but always in a parapro type of position. So, I thought it was a suitable day to bring in my snazzy jazzy new purse and wallet.

Still working on my dad's tie, but definitely making progress. I have put the mermaid outfit and bad linen hand towel on temporary hold cause I'm not feeling it. I want to make some socks. I think my next project will be a baby sweater though. OK enough of this boring no pictures post.

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You write very well.