Monday, July 30, 2007

Baby shrug

So, I'm almost almost almost finished with the baby shrug. I have to just pick up a few stitches along the back and sleeves and then sew up the two seams and pull in the ends and presto bango, it will be done.

Been really busy with work lately. And the next couple of weeks are probably going to be mostly unproductive knitwise, cause I have so much other shit to do.

Today's my mom's birthday.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the birthday of the baby whose shrug I am making.

Here's a picture of the almost finished shrug. (As an aside - new job paycheck starts coming in this week, so maybe I can afford a decent camera, eh?)

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I did a few rows of the Peaks n Valleys socks, but the DPNS are irritating the shit out of me, and I am nursing some major wrist pain lately, so I think I might try to make them my first pair of socks on circulars. The only thing that kinda blows about that is I have a circular needle kit, so I'll have to order some extras to be able to have two needles of the same size. Oh well. No biggie. Especially if I end up really doing well with the technique. A slew of birthdays just passed, and I didn't knit jack shit for anyone. I should be ashamed. Oh well - maybe I can gear up for the September birthdays on a niece and nephew that are coming up...I have ideas for both of them. I am thinking of either some ankle socks or a Zelda wristband for Jesse. Bill put together a color chart for Zelda, and I think I would just duplicate stitch it onto there.

Also, Bill made me a washcloth/stuff sack that he created the pattern and everything for. Here it is in "stuff sack" mode:

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