Friday, June 5, 2009


Wow - so those WIP Wednesday things never seem to stay in my memory for very long.

I screwed up a whole row of my scarf and didn't notice it till a few rows later, so I'm procrastinating on ripping out 4 rows of 400+ stitches cause it's gonna suck.

Finished one sleeve on the February Lady Sweater and picked up stitches for second sleeve. So, not much farther to go on that project. I haven't been in the mood for knitting lately, though. I am on a reading jaunt. I read a self-help book that was kind of like "homework," and now I'm reading lots of poetry and a poetry how-to guide. I also ordered a ton of books from Amazon and went out and picked up a whole ton more in person. On top of that, I bought several magazines. Voracious. Reading.

So, knitting inevitably has to suffer.

Waking up with weird anxieties. I don't know what causes it, but it's not cool.

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Warlock said...

pssssssssssst....tomorrow is Wednesday. A friendly reminder from the Knit Witch's DH. Well sometimes a DH other times....well...

and no I haven't been perusing all that many gay man kilt sites. Maybe a few...hahaha!