Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crappy Eating!

I need to snap out of this crappy eating slump I have gotten myself into. I want to eat good stuff, but I am feeling overly lethargic and the options for locally decent restaurants are slim to none.

So, today I ate raisin bread, green tea, some teriyaki jerquee that I found in my cabinet and some chocolate candy. :(

I suck.

Yesterday I had lots of good-for-me Indian food, though, so maybe I'm ok. And I have been lazy about making lunches for work, but I have a good supply of Amy's frozen dinners at both jobs. And I don't feel too bad about eating those. So, maybe I just feel all slumpy, but I haven't been eating too too terribly. And I put up all my clean clothes today which is pretty much my most loathed job.

And started on a sweater - well, a shrug actually. I've never made an adult-sized sweater, but the pattern for this one is super easy compared to a regular sweater. Here's a sleeve (on a cat). Yes, it is mighty orange. That's what it looks like in the book and although I am not usually a huge orange fan, it looks really neato. So, I bought lots of orange yarn.

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Man, chocolate and fake beef jerky leaves a really terrible taste in your mouth.

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