Monday, September 10, 2007

Movies and stars

I have been watching lots of movies lately - mostly via Netflix.

Anyway - I watched these movies over the weekend:

Amores Perros - I have seen this one before, but it's been several years. I didn't remember exactly how much dog death there was in it or I would've warned Bill. Anyway - I liked it just as much on rewatching it, although it is longer than I remembered too. This is not necessarily a bad thing, pendejo.

Garden State - I really ended up liking this more than I thought I would. I had assumed it would be your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, but it was much quirkier than that label. I liked the music in it a lot, too. Two songs in particular are ones that have been given to me on various Bill compilations, so I liked hearing something familiar. The ending was somewhat disappointing to me, but I prefer tragic/realistic endings as opposed to open-ended happily ever after endings. My brain thinks of all of the potential problems with the scenario continuing into the future. Anyway - no matter.

Ginger Snaps - I really like this movie even though it's kind of cheese. I have watched it several times, but not within the last few years. I didn't pay 100% attention to it, because I was knitting, but I liked it. I like the main characters and their relationship with each other. The sister/sister bond is always a messed up one, and I should know. My favorite part of the movie are the assorted "death scenes" the two sisters create - very reminiscent of Harold and Maude.

Martin - I bought this movie several years ago, and I remember watching it, but I didn't remember if I liked it or not. On rewatching it, it was really boring. I don't hate it or anything. It has an interesting premise, but, as usual, I feel that Romero's social commentary gets in the way of the movie instead of adding to the plot. I didn't finish watching it, because I started zoning out and wanting to go to sleep.

After I posted the song lyrics to Star/Fool the other night, I was listening to it in the car with Bill, and I actually saw a shooting star. It was one of those weird moments...For some reason, my whole weekend was full of those weird moments of serendipity.

I have 5 more spikes and the head left to go on my dragon scarf.


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