Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday December!

You know - there are hazards in my crafty work environment. One of the most pervasive hazards is dog farts. The dogs all plop down on the couch next to me when I am knitting or stitching and good lord do they let some gas fly!
Pee-yew! And they just snooze on through like nothing happened. Meanwhile, I am gagging and fanning and trying not to vomit. OSHA would be appalled!

At any rate, I have gotten a bit done on both of my WIPs from last week - my skew sock is coming along slowly. Yesterday, I was working on it while waiting for a doctor's appointment, and it hit me all of the sudden that my sock looks exactly like a wiener warmer! :-o

Hopefully no one thinks I am knitting a shiny, Christmas-y penis pocket.

Here it is:

Next up, my cross stitching project. I was off of work last week and finished up several more panels. This week is back to the grind, so progress has slowed...

I think it looks super cool though:

For those of you interested in the criminal element, here are a couple of the poot perpetrators looking guilty!!

(My niece Beth took this pic - check out her blog at The Pow Wow Factory)

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Sandy said...

One of the many reasons why I enjoy NOT having animals around. My card is punched on that score. Christmas project is looking great, very pretty, bright and cheery.

joolee said...

Thanks! I do love my animals and their companionship, but boy - not a huge fan of litter boxes, scooping dog poop out of the yard, cleaning up cat vomit, etc., but I guess they put up with my grouchy butt, so I can scoop a poop here and there (and put up with those awful poots) ;)

Spinster Beth said...

My ... that is going to be a slightly scratchy banana-hammock when it's done!

I *love* your Patsy AbFab Avatar!!!

knitinthesquare said...

Wiener warmer, haha! Love it! Cute perpetrators though :)

joolee said...

Thanks guys - not only will this be a scratchy willy warmer, but it's going to be much larger than would be needed for normal recipients, and I didn't plan on getting Ron Jeremy anything for Christmas this year.