Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ahoy. I just finished a pair of socks. For some reason I've been way more into buying shit that knitting lately. Oh well.

Here's a pic of my recently finished sockies:

This is my second pair of pink socks. The first ones were solid pink, though, and these are handpainted, so they have several different colors peeking through. The pattern is called "Flabella," and is part of a sock club I'm in. OK - so I'm in 4 sock clubs. Sue me. But this is the first one I got in the mail. I haven't messed with the other 2 I've gotten, although I did wind one handspun hank into a ball last night, and I'm contemplating patterns. It's hard to find the perfect pattern. Snazzy handpainted or handspun yarns call for a sort of bland pattern, because the crazy yarn can obscure the crazy pattern. Crazy patterns call for a solid or semisolid color yarn.
Ok enough of that.

I also finished my little red cowl and made a not-so-impressive but comfortable hat.

The cowl looks cooler when it's not on me which is kind of lame. Oh well. It's pretty. And it's warm.

I wish we would have a hugeass thunderstorm right now. That would be nifty.

I also made progress on my first ever Fair Isle or stranded or whatever you want to call it project. It's stalled right now because of the aforementioned socks I just finished. And I'm kind of more in the mood to knit something new than to pick up something older right now. I also started a shawl at the beginning of February, but I effed up on one of the lace repeats, and I haven't been in the mood to fix it. Bleh on that. Here's the stranded mitt:

I think it looks PDG (pretty damn good, of course) for my first stranded project. Yep. Didn't take as long as I thought either once I knuckled down and just started working on it.

Ok that is all.

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