Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brighten up, hippies

Seriously - do organic fabrics and yarns have to be so frigging boring? What if I don't *like* brown and beige, huh?

What if I like bright ass purple and midnight blue and blood red???? And - yep, this is a major stretch here - what if I want a cool PATTERN? Like skulls or something? Can't people who want organic cloth like skulls too??? All of the organic patterns have f'ing butterflies and crap. Wtf???

So - here is my request of you, hippies who own your own business - make something that would be interesting to people who aren't hippies and you might make some money. Hippies spend all their money on weed anyway.

OK and for real - this site I am currently perusing which does no straying from the beige/brown motif has actual pictures of people hugging trees. No joke.

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